MosaicHUB Enters the Arena of Social Media for Businesses

Just when you thought there wouldn't be any more room on the field for business networking sites along comes MosaicHUB.

Similar to -- yet different from -- LinkedIn, MosaicHUB is carving out a niche in the marketplace for entrepeuners and startups to assist them in networking and gathering information for everything from funding startup, to markting to running a successful business past the startup phase.

Founded by Mary-Alice Brady, a former corporate attorney advising businesses, MosaicHUB is an online entrepreneur community and resource center.

We connect "...entrepreneurs with each other and with experts and resources to help launch and grow great businesses," says Brady.

Brady conceived of the Idea for MosaicHUB from several sources. While still practicing law she saw many smart people slowly lose the fire for their project and become apathetic.

"I am not saying everyone loses their motivation as a corporate employee," says Brady, "but there are many people sitting behind desks miserable because they don't like what they are doing and don't see any other options."

Brady said she saw many people that thought "...they are too old or have too many responsibilities to do something different, or they just don't know where to start."

Despite working hours that leave little downtime, Brady is excited by one trend in particular: connecting online.

Despite the plethora of networking sites and social media outlets, Brady says that online communities are still in their infancy. " We've had the first waive, which tend to have a broader member base. We are now seeing more focused and valuable communities. That's what we are working on with mosaicHUB, and it's really exciting to see people using these online tools to improve their lives," says Brady.