MoveOn Ad Calls For Bybee's Impeachment

MoveOn Ad Calls For Bybee's Impeachment

Weighing further into the debate over the use of torture by the Bush administration, released a video on Thursday calling for the impeachment of Jay Bybee, one of the authors of the infamous torture memos and currently a judge on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

"Jay Bybee was responsible for secret memos authorizing the Bush-era torture program," reads the script. "And today he is serving as a federal judge. It is time for Congress to impeach Judge Bybee."

The group blasted out the video in an email to its five million members, urging them to sign a petition to persuade Congress to strip away Bybee's appointment to the court. Last week, MoveOn put out a similar ad, though with the focus aimed at launching an investigation into the authorization of torture and with former vice president Dick Cheney included among the targets.

The issue of investigations has clearly not died down since then nor has criticism of Bybee's place on the court, despite his assertions that he regrets writing the memos. This past weekend, John Podesta, co-chairman of President Obama's transition team and head of the Center for American Progress, called on Congress to commence impeachment hearings against Bybee, if he didn't voluntarily resign. It was, to date, the closest Obama confidant to come out in favor of impeachment.

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