Mushroom Recipes: 10 Easy Ways To Cook Mushrooms (Photos)

10 Easy Ways To Cook Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a surprisingly versatile ingredient -- they make their way into our breakfast, lunch and dinner. And their culinary possibilities are seemingly endless. Not only are there numerous varieties to become aquainted with (ahem, it might be time to move beyond the button mushrooms), but you can prepare mushrooms in a number of ways. They can be grilled, stuffed, breaded, fried, roasted, braised and sauteed.

Often times we get stuck in the same routine, making the same ol' stir-fry or our tried-and-true mushroom pasta sauce, but it's time to shake things up. Get out of your cooking rut and start experimenting with this earthy ingredient. They're subtle enough to make a savory side dish for meat eaters and are substantial enough to serve as an entree for vegetarians. Click through the slideshow below for cooking guidelines and recipe ideas.


Ways To Cook Mushrooms

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