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My Valentine Wish for All

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Dear Saint Valentine,

I have heard many tales about you, and I'm not sure which are true. But no matter, I'm just glad you made your mark and that this wonderful holiday was created as a result.

I'm sure you never imagined all the hoopla it would create.

Valentine's Day is wonderful for all those who are in loving relationships with partners who are capable of demonstrating their affection and devotion for one another. Would that all were that way!

It also serves a great need for those that aren't as adept at sharing their emotions. Valentine's Day provides the opportunity to use cards, flowers, dining out and candy as a way of communicating their caring.

At times actions are easier than words. Some find that catering to and doing something extra special conveys our feelings. Giving a massage with warm oil, rubbing ones feet or an extra long hug and hungry kiss.

Valentine's Day can be such fun, especially if you are in a romantic relationship.

But as with all holidays, there is also a downside. Many of us aren't in relationships. We often don't feel good about ourselves, we're lonely, depressed and often despair. We judge ourselves too harshly and wonder what it is we are doing that causes us not to have a Valentine with whom to celebrate.

For others we equate lack of a Valentine with our body image or success in life. "If only I were prettier, skinnier, more handsome or richer I'd have somebody to share the holiday with."

Saint Valentine, this is my wish.

I'd like everyone to enjoy the holiday that bears your name. If they are in a relationship, that's great. And if not, that's just fine too.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could take Valentine's Day and first make it a holiday of celebrating ourselves as tender, caring and loving human beings! Let it not be words, but something we truly internalize and believe at the deepest level.

We are worthy of passion, appreciation, affection, and yes even lust!

Would that we let ourselves be enveloped in a feeling of worthiness, kindness, and the importance of our contribution to a society that at times is in need of warmth and a little special attention.

So Saint Valentine, I salute you and ask for your blessing on all of us regardless of background and faith. Value us as contributing members of society.

Most importantly, enable us to appreciate just how wonderful and deserving of love we are!


Your Humble Servant

I wish you all a loving and happy holiday, today and the whole year round!