Naomi Campbell Sues The Telegraph For Libel Over Elephant Polo Story

It's okay, there are no Blackberries involved.

It's okay; you can put down your Blackberry shields. This time, the statuesque supermodel and star of "The Face", 42, is getting her lawyers involved: she's suing London's Daily Telegraph for libel over a story that claimed she organized an elephant polo match in India, the Guardian reports.

The Telegraph article in question, "Elephant polo at Campbell's party criticised," claimed that guests at a November birthday party Campbell threw for her boyfriend, Vladislav Doronin, played the controversial sport as entertainment. The story first ran on November 3rd, but has since been removed from the Telegraph's website.

Campbell's lavish fete boasted other luxuries, including chartered jets flying in A-list guests from all over the world, a 15th-century Indian fort and live music from Diana Ross. But after rumors circulated that the soiree also included rounds of elephant polo -- a common sport in India -- Campbell and Doronin received stern warnings from animal welfare groups.

Campbell first denied the elephant polo match back in November, saying through a spokesperson that the rumors were "completely untrue." On December 5, she and her legal counsel filed a libel claim in London.

Animal rights groups like PETA have been long-time critics of elephant polo, calling the sport a "shameful vestige of the British Empire" and denouncing the practice of keeping the animals chained in captivity.

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