NCAA Tournament Bracket: UPDATING Interactive Infographic Tracks All 2014 March Madness Scores

UPDATING: NCAA Tournament Bracket

The road to the Final Four can almost seem straightforward when the NCAA Tournament bracket is first filled out with team names on Selection Sunday. Each of the 68 teams in the field is allotted a seed number and placed on a corresponding line. With the exception of those eight squads heading to Dayton for the First Four, the task ahead is plain: Win four games to reach the Final Four. For the best teams in the nation, the path to the Final Four seems paved with less-accomplished sides.

It all seems so simple. Then the Madness begins.

As anyone who has ever entered a March Madness office pool can attest, the bracket's apparent simplicity belies a thrilling and confounding maze of upsets and surprises. To help you keep up with all games in the main draw of the 2014 NCAA Tournament, keep checking the interactive bracket below for scores, game summaries and key stats. Our bracket will be updated as the scores go final from the first full day of action on Thursday, March 19 through the national title game on Monday, April 7.

Interactive feature by Cedric Cogell.
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