Nepal Calls

As I await news as to what is next for a quiet calling, I know there is no such thing as coincidence, and I know God speaks.

In January this year, through an unexpected link that popped up on my web travel, there is a Christian orphanage in the Nepal hills. How I connected, why I connected, what matters is... I connected. And Reuben, the orphanage leader and pastor there, and I began an email thread. This is not about a particular person specifically, this is about the quiet callings we hear when we listen... and that can become a variety of shapes, sizes, and actions -- with a variety of men, women and children.

And as we know, each individual does matter.

Fast forward to Saturday, April 26, when news of the 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal. My heart jumped as I thought of the little kids at the orphanage. I emailed, knowing internet services must be destroyed, and prayed.

Today, Monday, I received this email from Reuben, on the hill at Kathmandu, jumping for joy the kids are okay at the site; knowing now too that this act of mother nature in Nepal needs the world's attention for restoration.

From: Reuben To: Deb Sent: Monday, April 27, 2015 10:51 AM Subject: Quake

"Hi Deb,

We are fine and stayed in Church because of the fear of more danger earth quake. From tomorrow we are starting to help others.

Reuben Kathmandu

500 Christians are fear dead, 200 alone in Dhadhing near Quake center, 100 in Kathmandu, and 200 in rest areas. Total dead bodies collected exceeded 4000. More then 50,000 in intensive care unit. Thousands awaiting rescue and help. Hundreds still missing in Everest avalanche. No water in shop, no food and vegetables since market is not open. Because of fear of more quake, people still are in open field in cold and rain with their little new born babies, difficult for children and elderly. People are starting to have flue, fever and cold. We will start to help others from tomorrow. Its Monday 9:37 PM. Just hitted by Quake again at 9:37 pm.

As I write this, my heart and mind race thinking about the needs. Direct Relief International ( is active in their many works worldwide, and Nepal is on top of the list; others helping i.e. Red Cross, Save the Children, etc.

What do we do individually to help? Pray. Think. Act.

To be continued...