Neveah Mosher, 13-Year-Old From The South Bronx, Reads Over 300 Books A Year (VIDEO)

Neveah Mosher -- a 13-year-old from the South Bronx -- read more in 2012 than some people do in their entire high school careers. According to HooplaHa.com, the middle schooler reads 300 books a year. This is a goal she set for herself because she wants to be the first person in her family to pursue higher education.

Watch Neveah tell her amazing story in the video above.

"The most important thing that I need to do to accomplish my dreams is to get to college," Neveah said. "Without education, you'll just be a nobody."

Neveah attends MS302 in New York City and participates in an after-school program run by City Year, a national nonprofit organization that focuses on education.

“To be able to read is the most wonderful thing ever,” Neveah said. “When you’re reading, it’s like you’re in another world and you’re seeing something from somebody else’s eyes.”

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Editor's note: At the time this video was filmed, Neveah was 12-years-old. She is now 13.



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