16 Ways To Be A Better Spouse In 2016

New year, new you!

As we say goodbye to 2015, it's time to think about how we can be the best versions of ourselves in 2016.

While some folks resolve to save more money or take up a new hobby, many others are focused on strengthening their marriages. Here's how 16 readers told us they plan to be better spouses in the coming year.

Anu Piduru
"Next year, we're committing to checking our cell phones at the bedroom door before going to bed each night. It'll give us time to reconnect each day without being consumed with social media instead -- and also we'll probably get a better night's sleep!" -- Anu Piduru
"We plan to spend 2016 traveling a ton and enjoying making memories together instead of watching T.V." -- Emily Wright
Erin Jones
"I plan to be a better spouse by listening more and talking less. This coming year I resolve to do nice and out-of-the-ordinary things at least once per month." -- Erin Jones
"My New Year's resolution is to be patient with my husband, to not be one-sided and to compromise." -- Sophia Williams
"My husband and I plan to start each morning with positivity and a 'thank you for...'" -- Noelle Holdsworth
Ophelia Leong
"Remember to take care of myself, so I can feel good and be the best partner to my husband and parent to our children that I can be! If we take care of ourselves, both physically and mentally, the whole family can flourish and accomplish positive things." -- Ophelia Leong
"Forgive and love selflessly." -- Jorge Ramirez
Fiyyaz Karim
"In 2016, we will strive to be our best individual selves in order to continue building a strong and fulfilling marriage. Our resolutions are to support each other's ambitions and live an active and healthy lifestyle together." -- Mary Jo Rizvi
Kathryn Jones-Porter
"Now that we live together, it's easy to take our time with one another for granted. Here's to more hiking, more road trips, more writing cards/letters to each other, and more canoodling." -- Kathryn Jones-Porter
"Whether we hike in Vancouver or sing karaoke in Nashville, our resolution is to never stop having fun." -- Claire Gallo
"I plan to support this man like no other! He deserves it!" -- @theonlyLalicous
Deidrinelle Rouse Moton
"Goal is to keep it simple: pray together. Work out together. Laugh together. Eat together. Be there for each other. And love each other always. So as our infant son grows up, he can see what true love is and that it's okay to show affection to one another." -- Deidrinelle Rouse Moton
Melinda Markert
"I'd like to be more understanding of my husband and his culture. He's ineffably forgiving, and I would love to be able to return his patience and understanding." -- Melinda Markert
Natalie Lelacheur-Romero
"To continue to talk to each other. Talking is how we stay connected. Sounds easy but it can be hard when you are tired and overwhelmed by work, kids and life!" -- Natalie Lelacheur-Romero
"We have made a conscious choice to ensure that every day we laugh from the pits of our stomachs, not take so much of life so seriously, but yet to keep fighting for the causes that we believe bring happiness into the soul of society. We endeavour to introduce daily meditation, weekly date nights and five minutes of dancing like fools in our living room every single day." -- Fiona Gohari
Surabhi Surendra
"I want to be less nagging and more accepting. In 2016, I don't want to worry anymore about the wet towels on the bed or the laundry. I will focus more on creating peace in the house." -- Surabhi Surendra

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