News Roundup for June 21, 2017

News is never not weird anymore.

1. Travis Kalanick has resigned as Uber’s C.E.O. after pressure from their board. This is following multiple scandals which have been following Uber like a bad smell. More here.

2. A bomb attack was prevented in Brussels. The attacker was killed at the scene. More here.

3. François Bayrou has resigned before newly-elected President Macron reshuffles the French government. This follows a scandal involving alleged misuse of E.U. funds. More here.

4. Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller have been fired from Disney’s “Han Solo: A Star Wars Story”. Disney cited creative differences, but the film was four months into production which leaves a lot up in the air. More here.

5. Daniel Day-Lewis has announced he is quitting acting. Paul Thomas Anderson’s film “Phantom Thread” will be his last. We’re all crying. More here.