"Slowly Seeping Through My Hands:" The Wearable Art of Nikoline Liv Andersen

Why should we live if we must die? It is one of the questions Danish artistputs us in this exhibition.
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Why should we live if we must die? It is one of the questions Danish artist Nikoline Liv Andersen puts us in this exhibition. With a plethora of bodies, thick fabrics, flowers and fruits, life's transience is reflected upon, man in defense against death and the body in decomposition. Through baroque vanitas-settings and references to the myth of Sisyphus -- society's eternal quest for financial abundance in a life that undoubtedly lose all worldliness at the end -- the project expresses a life without meaning that will inevitably end.

Also on exhibit is the project The Dance of the Deaf and Dumb Eye where Nikoline Liv Andersen examines the theory of the classic Japanese monkeys that naively shut themselves out of the world by not seeing, not hearing and not speaking. Monkeys housed in wigs a la Marie Antoinette and clothing sculptures are visualized through a counterpart to the French court of Louis XVI, whose excessive exuberance and poor communication between nobility and the people led to the French Revolution. The monkeys symbolize today's blind consumer.

Nikoline Liv Andersen graduated as a fashion designer from the Danish Design School in 2006. She works in the borderland between fashion and art, and her unique creations are made of materials such as fur and plastic. She lives and works in Copenhagen.

Since I was little, I had an endless fascination with aesthetic and visual story telling. My heart is beating and my fingers are itching to dress and dress up. I see it as a duty and a great motivation to push the borders of what you are able to wear and not to dwell in the land of compromises where existing target groups are being pleased.

The exhibition presents two new installations of textile works and a selection of past creations. "

"The Dance of the Deaf and Dumb Eye" by Nikoline Liv Andersen
Photos by Nicky de Silva
Glory by Nikoline Liv Andersen
Photos by Signe Vilstrup
"Slowly Seeping Through My Hands" by Nikoline Liv Andersen
Photos by Svend Pedersen
Courtesy and copyright © Nikoline Liv Andersen
Nikoline Liv Andersen "Slowly Seeping Through My Hands"
Nov. 19, 2011 - Feb. 5, 2012
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