Nora Ephron Quotes On Aging

What Nora Ephron Had To Say About Aging

Nora Ephron -- the 71-year-old author, director ("Julie & Julia") and screenwriter ("When Harry Met Sally...") who died Tuesday evening after a battle with leukemia -- had a lot to say about aging. Her whip-smart commentary and observations on being a woman -- what's more, being a woman of a certain age -- were funny and bracingly honest in their openness and clarity.

"No one likes to be old," Ephron wrote in her 2010 book "I Remember Nothing: And Other Reflections." "The most they will cop up to is that they're older. Or oldish."

For Ephron, aging wasn't for the faint of heart -- but it was definitely easier to bear with friends, family and humor. In the slideshow below, we remember some of the author's reflections on getting older.

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