Obama Can't Keep Track Of The Names Of Game Of Thrones Characters


Like so many of us, President Barack Obama has trouble remembering the names of all of the characters from "Game of Thrones."

During an interview with GQ, Obama told Bill Simmons that he loved the show, but struggled to keep track of its cast of characters.

"My favorite character is probably…the dwarf, what’s his name?," he said, referring to Tyrion Lannister, who is played by Peter Dinklage in the show. "The problem with 'Game of Thrones,' though, is that I don’t remember the names of any of the characters."

He did, however say that there was one character he had no trouble remembering.

"I remember the characters, so when I watch it, I know exactly what’s going on. But if you read a review of the show afterwards and they’re mentioning such and such, the only one I remember is Jon Snow, because I can pronounce Jon Snow."

Obama is apparently so into the show, that he apparently couldn't resist asking the show's director whether Snow was alive or dead after the season five finale.

"You didn't kill Jon Snow, did you?," show director David Nutter claimed Obama asked him.

Read Obama's full GQ interview here.

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