'Obama That I Used To Know': New Gotye Parody Video By Just New Productions (VIDEO)

Sure, HuffPost Entertainment may have called Eric Schwartz's "Some Music That I Used to Love" the Goyte parody to end all Gotye parodies, but that was before we saw Just New Productions' "Obama That I Used to Know."

Creators Justin Monticello -- who also starred in the video -- and Ryan Newbrough turned the Millennial generation's post-grad problems into a political pop culture parody that pleads, "In 2012 I need Obama that I used to know." Now that's a changes that we can believe in.

Here's just a taste of what to expect in the video above:

Now and then I think of that election day, November
When you won I felt so happy I could die
Chugged a fifth, paraded in the street
And I thanked God that Palin wasn't Veep
It felt like change and it's a hope I still remember

You can get addicted to a certain kind of message
Like this is change we can believe in, yes we can
But college ended, had to pay my rent
At least you're the first gay president
But the change I got was that I moved in with my mother

Because you won and then you cut me off
Now your speeches never soar as high as unemployment
You took Obamacare so far
But you left me like a dog strapped on Romney's car
Even the shirt that was on my back
Is owned by China or being arbitraged by Goldman Sachs
Just send in a Predator Drone
'Cause now you're not Obama that I used to know

Check out more Gotye covers and parodies of the internet hit in the slideshow below.

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