Octopus’ Modeling Career Is Short And Tasty

The photographer says the octopus model was "slippery" and "really hard to grab ahold of.”

Once the modeling industry gets its tentacles into you, there’s no going back.

A giant Pacific octopus learned that the hard way after posing for a series of photos with a Japanese model/food blogger known as Namada.

Namada said she decided to pose with an octopus because she “likes tentacles,” according to Motherboard.sg.
Working with a 39-pound live octopus spread all over her body wasn't as easy as she expected.“It was really difficult because it was so heavy!” she said.
Although the octopus didn't throw any star fits, photographer Kazan Yamamoto, said there were some unexpected challenges.

“Because it was alive, it would move around, and because it was slippery, it was really hard to grab ahold of,” he told TokyoGirlsUpdate.com. “It was really hard to think of the composition while shooting photos.”
The photos were recently put on display at a gallery in Tokyo, but the octopus wasn’t invited to the opening.
What happened next won't surprise anyone who's worked in show business.

After the octopus' services were no longer needed, he was chewed up and swallowed -- literally.
Namada and Yamamoto boiled the octopus and turned it into a hat for one last photo before eating their collaborator.

Some are comparing the photos to artist Katsushika Hokusai’s “Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife,” an 1814 print that depicts sex between a woman and two octopuses. But Yamamoto told TokyoGirlsUpdate.com that wasn’t the inspiration.

Hokusai’s work was, however, the focal point in a fabulously hilarious scene in “Mad Men.” We miss you, Peggy Olson.

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