Older Gay Men Try Out 'New Gay' Slang In This Hilarious Video

“You guys are watching too much RuPaul.”

A trio of older gay men offer their collective take on terms and expressions used by younger members of the queer community for a hilarious new video

The clip ― released Tuesday by Grindr’s online lifestyle magazine, INTO ― finds the men sounding off on popular slang phrases like “werk,” “extra” and, of course, “yas kween.”  

As the video progresses, the men offer off-the-cuff observations, as well as bits of sage advice, to their younger counterparts. 

“You guys are watching too much RuPaul,” one quips in the clip, which had been viewed over 114,000 times as of Friday afternoon. Adds another, “This is the kind of thing the Kardashians would sit around and do all afternoon.” 

If the video has an underlying message, it’s that the LGBTQ community, which is often criticized for what many interpret as internalized ageism, stands to benefit from more intergenerational reflection.