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Oldest Newlyweds: Rose Pollard & Forrest Lunsway (VIDEO)

File under: beyond heartwarming.

The Daily tracked down the oldest couple ever to be married -- 90-year-old Rose Pollard and her husband Forrest Lunsway, 100, of southern California.

The pair dated for 30 years, but it was Rose who didn't want to race to the altar. She told the cameras, Forrest "got down on his knees and asked me to marry him and then he says, 'Name the date,' so I said I'll marry you on your 100th birthday."

The director of the local senior center planned the wedding, pretending it was a birthday party for Mr. Lunsway, but Rose brought along a minister for the promised nuptials.

Her romance tips? "Be forgiving and patient and say I love you, I guess, every once in a while."

Then Forrest tells her, "Love ya," and they hug and I get misty-eyed.