Olivia Wilde Gets Creative After Running Out Of Breast Milk Bags


Olivia Wilde knows that parenthood requires a lot of resourcefulness.

On Sunday, the actress posted a photo of herself pumping breast milk for her 7-week-old daughter, Daisy, on Instagram. As the photo shows, she had to get a little creative.

“Ultimate cliché status reached,” Wilde wrote in the caption. “Pumping milk into mason jars. Ran out of storage bags. Rookie move. Big thanks to the plant for really perking up for this photo. Also thanks to the Airbnb owner for the use of said mason jars.”

The famous mom, who’s no stranger to the world of “brelfies,” also added the hashtag #pumped. The post received over 50,000 likes, and based on the comments, it’s clear Wilde’s anecdote resonated with her fellow moms.

“Definitely have been the mom pumping into a mason jar on a work road trip,” wrote one commenter, alongs with the hashtag #momlife.

“Yep, I’ve had to pump into a coffee cup before. What us mothers do...” added another commenter.

Others posted hashtags like #pumplife #momgoals and #hipstermilk.

A pumping mom’s gotta do what a pumping mom’s gotta do.

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