Paralyzed Bride's Triumphant Walk Down The Aisle Is A Sight To Behold

Six years ago, a car accident left Gina Giaffoglione paralyzed from the belly button down. But for her wedding earlier this month, the former gymnast was determined to walk down the aisle

"I told her, whether we roll down that aisle or whether we walk down that aisle, we're gonna do this, whichever way we have to do it -- it's been her dream," Gina's father Gary told KETV 7 in Omaha.

Gina's dream didn't come easy though; It took months of physical therapy at CHI Health Rehabilitation just to teach her body how to stand up straight again after years in a wheelchair. It then took several more months to teach the bride-to-be how to walk with a custom-designed brace and crutch.

Despite the difficulty, Gina powered through a year and a half of therapy knowing there was a light at the end of the tunnel. "When you can't feel anything, and you're doing something you used to do that you used to take for granted -- because I did, everybody does -- when you're back up and doing it, especially having dad on my arm, it's a floating sensation you can't even explain," Gina said.

A sensation she got to feel again on September 18 when Gina surprised her wedding guests and walked down the aisle with her father on her arm and a giant smile on her face.

As for her groom, John Springhower, Gina says she's lucky to have him. "He's just that wonderful of a guy that he doesn't see the chair. He just sees me for me and forgets about how I get around."

Check out the video above, courtesy of KETV Omaha, for more on Gina's inspiring story.

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