Paul Krugman: Paul Ryan's Budget Plan Is 'A Fraud'

Paul Krugman took on Paul Ryan's budget plan on ABC's 'This Week'.

"The plan's a fraud," he said on Sunday. "The plan is a big bunch of tax cuts, some specified spending cuts, basically for poor people, and then a huge magic asterisk which is supposed to turn into a deficit reduction plan, but, in fact, if you look what's actually in it, it's a deficit-increasing plan." He continued, "That there is really no plan there, neither from Ryan, nor from Governor Romney, is just the truth ... if that's being harsh and partisan, gosh, then I guess the truth is anti-bipartisanship."

Krugman was responding to Romney adviser's claim that the GOP presidential nominee believes the Ryan plan is "the right direction."

This is hardly the first time the New York Times columnist has criticized the GOP rep's budget plan. In April, he called the plan "the most fraudulent budget in American history."

Watch more of his "This Week" appearance above.