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'Penis Fish' Among The Weirder Things You Can Eat In Asia (VIDEO)

If you're eating something, we advise you set it aside before attempting to read this. Behold, the penis fish!

BuzzFeed informs us that what you're looking at is actually a type of marine spoon worm called Urechis unicinctus, which are commonly eaten in Korea, parts of Japan and China. A myriad of videos on YouTube featuring the creature show it being served raw and still squirming. They're sometimes called "penis fish" because, well, you know.

BuzzFeed ever so thoughtfully pointed us toward a few, like this one at a fish market in South Korea:

And this one featuring an intrepid diner:

Listverse shows us another that offers an up close and (a little too) personal view of the plated worms:

We wonder if these guys make the cut for the menu at China's Beijing Penis Restaurant.

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