New York Pizza Rat Is The Perfect Metaphor For Something, Surely

We are all Pizza Rat.

Oh, what's that? The first rule of New York is "Don't eat hot food on the subway platform"? Pizza Rat doesn't give a flying f**k about your rules. He'll eat his pizza where he damn well pleases.

Pizza Rat is the perfect metaphor for life in New York: He is hungry, he loves dollar pizza, he hates his life and he is trying to carry something that is way too heavy down the subway stairs because the elevator is broken. It's almost too perfect.

Pizza Rat is determined, sure. But in New York, is that enough? Of course not. So, as we all have countless times, Pizza Rat eventually gives up and walks away from the task at hand, presumably to a dive bar that will soon be replaced by yet another Chase bank or something.

The video was uploaded by YouTube user Matt Little on Monday. Devastatingly, a request for comment about this important news was not immediately returned.

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