Most And Least Popular Morning Show Anchors: Robin Roberts Is Most-Liked

A ranking of the most and least popular celebrities found that Robin Roberts is the most popular host in morning television.

The Wrap reported Thursday on the Q scores — a widely-used measure of a celebrity's likability based on surveys of the public — of network morning anchors. Roberts was the most popular morning show host with a Q score of 29. The average score for a news show host is 13, The Wrap noted.

The past year has been full of milestones for Roberts, who came out in December and returned to "GMA" last February after a bone marrow transplant.

Meanwhile, her colleague Josh Elliot had the third-highest Q score. Norah O'Donnell was the most-liked host for "CBS This Morning," and Al Roker was the most-liked "Today" show host.

The least-liked host for all three shows? Kathie Lee Gifford. Matt Lauer, whose popularity plunged after Ann Curry's ouster from "Today," didn't fare much better, coming in third to last with a Q score of 7.

Click over to the Wrap for the full list of hosts and their Q scores.



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