Products To Inspire You To Cook This Winter

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With winter weather having arrived for the majority of the country, staying in with hot cocoa and warm stews never sounded better. However enticing sitting by the fire is, we found the best kitchen products to instead light a fire underneath you to get up and start cookin’.

<p>Smart Stick Cordless Hand Blender & Knife</p>

Smart Stick Cordless Hand Blender & Knife

Cuisinart—Cuisinart is the king of kitchen appliances for a reason with its myriad of product lines, from cookware to appliances. Our favorites were the CookFresh Digital Glass Steamer that will cook your vegetables to perfection everytime, all while keeping your stove free and your hands able to start on something else like blending away with the Smart Stick Cordless Hand Blender & Knife. Who wouldn’t want an electric knife to make your life a breeze (and look badass while at it)?

<p>12C Oil Deep Fryer</p>

12C Oil Deep Fryer

Hamilton Beach—Rivaling Cuisinart is Hamilton Beach with an incredibly diverse product lineup including some to the likes of a 12 Cup Deep Fryer for your countertop or a Panini Press that saves you the trip and the cash for a local cafe menu. With Hamilton Beach, you are guaranteed a product that will help you in your trials and tribulations of cooking. Whether that be to save you from the oil splatter with the deep fryer or make the perfect panini without having to MacGyver a press out of pans, Hamilton Beach will have the product you need at a can’t beat it price.

Mortier Pilon Home Canning Kit—Mortier Pilon’s home canning kit is the most useful tool to make your own canned goods. Make your own preserves or nutrient-packed preserves and extend its shelf-life with this canning kit. By preparing the canned goods yourself, you know exactly what and what isn’t in your foods. This Home Canning Kit by Mortier Pilon is the device to keep your kitchen stocked with delicious, healthy goodies.

Droplet Bottle Opener— is a design company full of amazing, beautiful products such as their Droplet Bottle Opener. With it’s chrome finish and ability to stand-upright, it makes the perfect decor addition to your home bar or kitchen.It’s heft and shape will make it your first choice bottle-opener for any occasion. Check out the droplet and other seamless pieces it its collection here.

EXPAND Jr. Edge Dining Set—Get the most out of your kitchen space with EXPAND, the furniture set that will transform from one object to another like that. Move from console to four seater to eight seater with the EXPAND dining set that will surely catch your guest’s eye. This beautiful set is the perfect table for the small household that wants to maximize space while still entertaining guests. With straight out of the box application and no assembly required, this set is by far the greatest out there for its amazing capacity to literally evolve before your very eyes.

Touch Brewer T526S Single Cup Brewing System—Enter a world of convenience with Touch Brewer, a system that is compatible with K Cups, generic pods, and all Touch cups for single brewing system that can brew any size from single serving to an entire carafe—the options are endless. With easy cleaning and use, Touch Brewer in the coffee brewer for you.

KitchenAid—KitchenAid is another kitchen good behemoth that will cover you for the many kitchen necessities such as their Pro Line Blender. A brand you can rely on, KitchenAid is perfect for every countertop with one of the most power blenders known to man. KitchenAid is your helping hand in the kitchen, with quick and easy blend functions that will let you make your smoothies and shakes, and keep on living.

Ethan+Ashe Alkemista—Wow your guests with the Alkemista infused alcohol system to transform any ordinary alcohol into a culinary masterpiece. Add the finishing touches to any meal with Alkemista herb-infused vodka or gin spirit and taste the complementing partners of your newly infused, delicious alcohol. With beautiful glass design, display your Alkemista when you’re finished as a great table center-piece, and stop paying for the top-shelf alcohol when you can make your own, original flavors.

360 Knife Block—Handcrafted in the wood shops of San Francisco, 360 Knife Block is the only block you’ll need. With 360 degrees of swiveling beauty, magnets will keep your knives and cutlery in place without any fear or risk of falling off or instability. Coming in at 14lbs, you’ll never need to worry abut replacing this guy.

<p>Pantry Cabinet</p>

Pantry Cabinet

ClosetMaid—Stock up your pantry and while you’re at it, add them to the ClosetMaid set. With amazing home and closet organizers, ClosetMaid is a true leader in the organization industry with their reputation for sturdy and functional pieces of furniture. End the days of your cramped kitchen with the furniture offered by this company and give yourself the space you deserve, like that second pantry you’ve been dreaming about.

LINO + GINO Deluxe Brewing Kit —Make the perfect cup of pour-over coffee with the LINO + GINO. With everything you need to set up a great brewing system, LINO + GINO even provides the perfect complementary mug with this set. Perfect for those late nights when you want that piping hot cup to keep you going.

Belle-V—A company know for its ice cream scoops, Belle-V has made luxurious ice cream scoops, both for right and left-handed people, they don’t discriminate! With a strong, non-bendable structure, this ice cream scoop is the cream of the crop and will keep your house flowing with ice cream for years to come as a piece of stunning modern beauty.

Bolo—The Bolo knife is a perfect addition to any kitchen, great for chopping and cutting just about anything. Known as the rolling slicer, this knife will seamlessly slice and dice vegetables and fruits to make perfect silces everytime. With a single flowing motion, prep all of your produce without a worry at all.

Skandia—For other foods to cut such as meats or cakes, look to the Skandia Forte knife set, complete with 13 pieces of rose-gold toned knives that will be the highlight of any kitchen. With sharp edges and a beautifully crafted handle, this is a knife set you won’t want to throw under the counter or in a drawer.

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