This List Of Sex Tips From Women's Magazines Is Missing One Very Important Word

This List Of Sex Tips From Women's Magazines Is Missing One Very Important Word

A recent performance by a pair of slam poets admonished women's magazines for publishing lists of sex tips that de-emphasize female pleasure. Footage from their rousing recitation, which ends by encouraging women to reclaim their sexual identity, is an inspiring must-see.

The bits of bedroom advice Desireé Dallagiacomo and Kaycee Filson rattled off at the start of their poem "Real Sex Tips," performed at the summer 2014 National Poetry Slam, were all penis-centric. During their time on the stage at the Oakland, California, event, the women noted that although the sex tips came from magazines marketed specifically to women, advice for increasing female pleasure was conspicuously absent.

"Cover to cover, I am meant to make others feel good," Filson recited in video footage from the performance (uploaded to YouTube on Sept. 19), suggesting that magazines are treating her sexuality as if it's meant only for her partner's use.

"As a woman, everything says I am defined by what is put inside of me," Dallagiacomo joined in. Together, the two continued: "My capacity for holding cavernous comfort for a more important person. My body does not belong to me but to the men who make meal of my flesh."

They went on to say it took them two decades to think of their own pleasure -- not just that of their partners -- and for sex to feel like a "safe place."

"My voice is not mating call. My hips not invitation. My hands, thighs, mouth, my vagina was not designed to please anyone without my say so. ... I am learning to take my body back," they said, to the audience's applause.

Hear, hear, ladies!

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