Rear View Girls Roam Around Los Angeles

UPDATE--We've been had! The "Rear View Girls" video, which netted seven million YouTube views in about seven days is in fact a viral advertising video from Levi's Jeans. They were promoting their new line of denim jeans, but FishbowlLA reports that "Levi’s says it isn’t sure how to convert the attention into sales for its showcased 'Curve ID' line," and "at least one media analyst quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald thinks the video missed its mark."

Via LA TACO: Two hot girls roamed around Los Angeles with a "hidden ass cam" capturing all the looks they got as they walked on the street. Conceited? Maybe--but this video shows everyone sneaking a peak. Men, women, and even West Hollywood Jesus are guilty of lusting after their bodacious bods (or at least curious about that weird thing stuck in their jeans).

According to their YouTube account, the "Rear View Girls" are a couple of Kiwis named Jessie and Reanin. And the super sexy song in the background is "Something Bigger, Something Better" by Amanda Blank.