Redirecting the Rays of Gratitude

Webster defines gratitude as a “feeling of appreciation or thanks.” A simple definition of an act so easily extended towards others. Why is it often more challenging to express a feeling of appreciation or thanks toward oneself?

Throughout my day-to-day activities I am quick to thank the universe for opening up a parking spot for me right in front of the grocery store as well as the very kind woman at the checkout counter who honored my expired coupon. I’m effusively thankful to the fellow dog walker who has offered to pick up my dog’s poo when seeing I had my toddler strapped to my chest while watching my 4 year old on her scooter.

Just like the rays of sunshine that spread all around, we so easily share our gratitude with others but overlook ourselves. This is not good self-care and I’ve adapted my mindset to redirect gratitude toward myself. Sure I’m still grateful for all the aforementioned things and also for things like waking up each morning but I’ve expanded to things that truly nourish my soul.

I’ve written affirmations like “I am enough” and “I choose to forgive myself” on notes in both my bathroom and my vanity. These constantly remind me to look inward for validity not to go by what others see or think.

Additionally, I make time to exercise, strengthen, and tone myself without the mommy guilt because I am thankful for my health and everything my body does for me.

I choose to fuel my body with good, healthy, whole & some organic foods along with plenty of water so that I can replenish depleted power sources. My passion and background in nutrition help of course.

Most importantly, as a holistic health coach, I’ve added a daily practice of self-care physically, mentally, and emotionally to allow myself to look inward and be grateful for who I am. Just as we often share our gratitude towards others, we easily negate simple self-care which is the purest form of gratitude we can give ourselves. It doesn’t have to be hard or even seen as an obstacle as many often view it. Whatever you do for you to truly cultivate an inward appreciation is enough.

Self-care is precious, especially when you are a mother, so why not choose to take a little more time to show yourself some gratitude and truly be the best of whoever you are?


Be Well,

Phyllis of Well Woman

Certified Holistic Health Coach and Founder

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