Why Regina King Calls Sisterhood Among Women In Hollywood 'Priceless'

She talked about that adorable Emmy moment with Taraiji P. Henson.

Actress Regina King doesn't take her relationships with Hollywood's leading ladies for granted, she told HuffPost Live on Friday.

At this year's Emmy Awards, viewers saw Taraiji P. Henson shriek with delight when her friend won her very first Emmy award. It was an adorable moment, one which King looked back upon fondly during an interview with host Alyona Minkovski, stating that it's "very important" to have actresses looking out for one another in the industry. 

"I think women supporting women is priceless. A lot of women that I know really have strong relationships with their grandmothers, with their mothers [and] their aunts," King said. "When you extend that family, that sisterhood, you just have something to lean on, and it makes leaning in easier." 

King also shared her thoughts on Fox's hit show "Empire," which stars her friends Henson and Terence Howard. While King is all for the show's non-stop drama, she hopes to see a more diverse range of black stories on TV as well.

"I think 'Empire' is entertaining. It's a soap opera," she said. "Does it touch on stereotypes? Sure, it does. … I don't know if that's necessarily good or bad. I just think that when [it comes to] storytelling involving black people, I would just like to have more stories, not just one story."

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