Adorable Dog-Sized Rescue Rabbit Is Looking For New Home

But be warned: He'll grow even larger.

Atlas isn't your typical bunny.

He's only 7 months old but is already as large as a dog, and still has plenty more growing to do.

The continental giant rabbit from Scotland is now looking for a new home after his previous owner couldn't keep him anymore.

The Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which is currently caring for Atlas at its Glasgow center, appealed for a new owner on Monday.

Center manager Anna O'Donnell described Atlas in a press release as a "friendly" and "inquisitive" rabbit who "loves attention and getting cuddles" and "makes everyone laugh with his mischievous character."

But due to his large size, Atlas is looking for a certain type of home -- because a standard rabbit hutch just won't do the job.

He needs space. And as adults of his breed weigh on average around 13 pounds, he needs lots of it. "Atlas needs an owner with the knowledge to properly care for him, so ideally someone who has kept a continental giant before," O'Donnell said.

Despite his huge size, Atlas still has some way to go until he can claim the Guinness World Record for the planet's biggest rabbit. That honor currently goes to Darius, who weighs 49 pounds and can stretch out to an astonishing 4 feet 4 inches long.

Keep munching those carrots, Atlas. Keep munching.

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