Rhonney Jacobs Shot Himself In The Leg After Allegedly Pointing Gun In Road Rage Incident: Police

A Norfolk, Va., man faces weapons charges after accidentally shooting himself in the leg during a road rage incident Tuesday.

Neighbors said Rhonney Jacobs, 46, was speeding in a residential neighborhood where children were playing.

According to Fox News, a couple of men flagged Jacobs down and told him to ease up on the gas. Jacobs apparently didn't like that, so he wheeled his car around, got out and threatened them with a .45 caliber gun only a few feet from where kids were playing.

“My friends were standing right there in the yard and the guy came flying by and they were like ‘slow down, there’s kids’ and the guy did a U-turn and pulled over,” Ashley Summerson told WTKR. "[He] ...pulled his gun out trying to shoot one of [the men] but he shot himself.”

The Virginian-Pilot reported that "[Jacobs] struggled with another man, and the gun fired," hitting him in the leg.

Jacobs was treated at an area hospital for a leg wound. His wounds were not life threatening. He is charged with discharging and brandishing a firearm.

I’m just happy none of the kids got hurt. I’d rather get shot than one of these kids,” neighbor Zach Watson, who witnessed the event, told the station.

Road rage is pretty much always a bad idea, and worse so when guns are involved.

In March, a case of road rage escalated into gunplay after a North Carolina man punched the driver of a truck he was accused of trying to "run off the road."

Deputies told WNCT that suspect Bradley Turner pulled a gun and shot the truck and a nearby house after being beaten to the ground by the driver and one of his passengers.



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