Rick Ross & Jay Z Team For 'Devil Is A Lie,' Talk Wingstop, D'Ussé, Illuminati

Rick Ross and Jay Z let go of "The Devil Is A Lie," a hotly anticipated track off Ross' upcoming "Mastermind" LP on Thursday. The track features considerable flexing on the part of both the 37-year-old Rozay and 44-year-old Hov, both of whom are eager to share stories about stepping on drugs and revel in their relative brand associations. Ross gets in a plug for Wingstop, Jay continues his song-ruining habit of repping D'Ussé (see: Beyonce's "Drunk In Love"), and Jay even goes so far as to mention the Illuminati and stop and frisk. Unclear: Whether he was wearing the snakeskin snapback he's currently selling at Barneys, the store which made headlines this year for racially profiling black customers. Jay would also like to make it clear that he's "getting white money but I'm still black." Regardless, listen below.