Florida Man Unleashes Road Rage, Universe Responds Appropriately

If this video were a food, its instructions would read, "Instant karma. Just add water and mix with included road rage."

After a minute of nonstop tailgating by a huge truck, the woman in this video, identified only as "Florida Driver," is passed by the vehicle, whose driver flips her the bird and yells an unintelligible insult.

"I couldn't move over because there were trucks in the right lane," Florida Driver writes in the video description, "and I sure as heck wasn't going to speed on a rainy day with the roads being as slick as they were."

The videographer, who says she was driving in Tampa, writes that she never mouthed off at the guy, didn't brake check him, and -- except for holding up her phone -- was paying attention to the road.

Shortly after flipping the bird, the driver of the truck loses control of his vehicle, spins across a median and through oncoming traffic (though no one was hit). He comes to a rest only after taking out a light pole.

According to Florida Driver, "He initially fled the scene of the accident, but thanks to this video he has been caught and charged."

In a release obtained by The Huffington Post, Florida Highway Patrol confirmed the driver, identified as Jeffrey Travis White, was later charged with leaving the scene of a traffic crash.

"Using information contained in the video provided by the witness, State Troopers located White at his Tampa residence and arrested him for Leaving the Scene of a Traffic Crash, Careless Driving and failing to wear his seatbelt," the FHP release notes.

Looks like the only injury was to this guy's pride. And probably his insurance premium.

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