Real-Life Robots That Will One Day Enslave Humanity, Ranked

They learned by watching us.

Technology has a way of sneaking up on us, taking leaps forward rather than steps. So it's safe to assume that, in a similar fashion, robots of the future will one day sneak up on us -- perhaps while we're sleeping or looking for the perfect emoji to punctuate a text -- and enslave us.

Since our demise at the hands of our future automated overlords is all but assured, we thought we'd have a little fun ranking society's current robots by how likely they are to become our metal masters.

10. Cereal Bot

This robot will prey on our gluttonous lifestyles, feeding us until we are literally unable to move. And as we're pushing that last bit of Cinnamon Toast Crunch down our gullet, we'll realize it's too late.


 9. Stabbing Motion Bot

One might assume this robot would rank higher, because its job is to stab. But come on, if you can't outsmart this robot, then that means you are an Oreo. And you're not reading this. And now I'm talking to an Oreo. Everyone loses.


8. Torso-Less Shopping Cart Bot

This robot wouldn't have much success fighting, but its dominance at the supermarket is the key to our downfall. They would swarm our grocery stores, buying up all the best deals, leaving only the most expensive stock, ruining our society by first ruining our budget.

7. Attitude Walk Bot

No idea how this robot would conquer us, but just look at that strut. This robot is going places.

6. Karate Kid Bot

This robot has seen our beloved films. It knows exactly how to tug at our heartstrings and how to get our sympathy. And just like Daniel-san, just when we think we we've won against the machines, they'll unleash the crane kick to our collective faces.

 5. Can't Be Knocked Down Bot

How are we going to knock this robot over? Look at the image! It can't be done!

4. Drink-Serving Soccer Ball-Kicking Bot

This is a dangerous machine. It appears friendly and even serves us drinks. And look at it interacting with President Obama, which means it has diplomatic skills. This is the Trojan horse of robots. For now, it serves man with a cup. But one day, it will serve man ... IN A CUP!

3. Stair-Climbing Legs Robot

Many of you were likely thinking, "Whatever, "I'll just climb up the stairs. Robots are terrible at stairs!" Nope. Now you're just dead upstairs. 

2. Heebie-Jeebie-Inducing Spider Bot

It'll give you the creeps. And while you're dealing with your creeps, its friends will swarm over your body, and you'll die from an overdose of "the willies."


1. Galloping Beast Bot

This is the one. The one that future us will look back on and go, "Why did we create this?" They will hunt us down quickly and without mercy.  Its thirst for action looks unquenchable.

After it's hunted you down and killed you, it will then dance upon your bones, grinding them down into a meal-like consistency, which the robots will probably use as some sort of fuel source.


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