Robyn Lawley Talks About Transition From Straight-Size To Plus-Size Model (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Plus-size models are fashion's topic du jour, particularly in light of Vogue Italia's recent cover featuring three curvy, lingerie-clad models photographed by Steven Meisel.

Among the new guard of plus-size beauties is Robyn Lawley, one of the three stunners shot by Vogue Italia and a self-described former "skinny model." She told (video below), "I wasn't a straight-size model for long. I've always naturally been just a bigger girl. So, I found out I could model plus-size around 19. My sister suggested it to me. I just thought it was for older women, I didn't think I could do it at my age. I was quite offended in the beginning."

Now she's left all those doubts behind, having landed the cover of French Elle this past April in addition to the much-discussed Vogue Italia gig.

The Cut caught up with Lawley to get her two cents on the peculiar world of plus-size modeling and other less conventional topics. Fun facts we learned:

On her diet:

Although I am indulgent with my food, cooking is also a passion of mine. I love to make food from scratch and eating well. I've always been a very active, sporty girl so I get my workouts in. It sucks when people automatically think plus-size girls are unfit, fat girls.

On the advice she'd give to aspiring models:

If being a model is not working for you, stop trying to obtain it. I've seen girls stare at a yogurt container calorie box for hours on end, deliberating whether they should eat it. Look, if it's not working for you, hell, come to the plus-size world.

On her least favorite body part:

My worst feature is my feet. I have hobbit feet from wearing too small shoes while modeling.