Roseanne Barr Running For President: What Are Her Political Positions?

Roseanne Barr Running For President: What Does She Believe?

Roseanne Barr announced on Thursday evening that she is officially pursuing the Green Party's nomination for president of the United States, fulfilling a promise she made back in August.

Like many third-party candidates, she's seeking to use the platform of a presidential campaign to draw attention to issues dear to her heart. So what, exactly, are Barr's pet issues and political beliefs?

Barr used the language of the Occupy Wall Street movement during her announcement on Thursday, calling on the 99% of Americans to help power her cause. She's long been identified as a populist figure; her sitcom "Roseanne," which ran from 1988 to 1997, offered a refreshingly realistic look at working-class life at a time when TV shows like "Dallas" and "Dynasty" were peddling high-end glamour. Barr is now developing a new sitcom at NBC called "Downwardly Mobile," set in a mobile home community.

On Twitter, Barr followed up her announcement by laying out some of her immediate policy priorities: forgive all student loans, homeowner debt and credit card debt by "kicking out" the Federal Reserve; institute single-payer healthcare within 100 days of her inauguration; pursue those she calls "financial terrorists"; reconfigure American diets, shifting away from animal protein and toward protein from nuts (she owns a large macadamia nut farm in Hawaii); and fight for gay rights.

Barr has also long been in favor of legalizing marijuana, and has said in the past that she'd abolish all taxes.

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