Rowan Blanchard Wants People To Stop Telling Her To Smile

👏 Ain't 👏 nobody 👏 got 👏 time 👏 for 👏 that. 👏

Rowan Blanchard ain't gonna smile for you, so stop telling her to. 

On Nov. 29, the 14-year-old "Girl Meets World Star" -- in all her infinite wisdom -- tweeted that she's sick and tired of people commenting on her Instagram photos telling her to smile. She smiles when she wants to smile. Period.  

The comments on her photos include people telling her to "Smile for once," and "Smile! You are SO beautiful!"

If you're a woman who's ever walked down a street, you know there are few comments more frustrating than being told to smile when you're just trying to go to work/head to the gym/live your life without a grin plastered on your face. Women don't need to smile all the time -- and that includes Blanchard.  

Read her excellent response below to those who would tell her to smile. 

You do you, girl. (Also, top-notch uterus sweater.)

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