Ryan Gosling Defends Eva Mendes As Photog Calls Her 'Baby,' Women Everywhere Get Weak In The Knees

Everyone's imaginary boyfriend, Ryan Gosling, pulled a very chivalrous move for real-life girlfriend Eva Mendes Friday night.

According to the New York Post's Page Six, Gosling and Mendes were at the Bowery Hotel in New York City for the premiere of their movie "The Place Beyond the Pines" when a photographer who previously shot Mendes called out "Hey, baby!" in her direction.

Gosling, who doesn't usually speak about his relationship with the actress, did not like that one bit. "Ryan completely flipped out, and it got heated," an eyewitness told Page Six. "Ryan got in the guy's face and said, 'Who are you calling baby?'"

"Eva had to jump in and calm everyone down before it came to fisticuffs," the eyewitness added. "Ryan then made nice and shook the guy's hand."


The 32-year-old, who recently announced he's taking a break from acting, has been dating Mendes for about a year now. Though they're both very high-profile actors, they've managed to keep their relationship pretty much under wraps. So much so, in fact, that at the party held for the premiere of the film, they were seen apart all night.

"They actually kept things very professional and didn't speak once," a partygoer told AM NY. "They both mingled and worked the room."



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