Salad-Making Robot Gives Us a Creepy View Of the Future (VIDEO)

If ever you wanted a dead-eyed robot wielding a knife to be your next personal chef, you're in luck. The Korean Institute of Science and Technology recently unveiled CIROS, a robot that can make you salad.

CIROS is designed to help out around the house; it can grasp items from the refrigerator, serve tea, scrub dishes and slice vegetables... very, very slowly. That said, we're not sure we'd like this armed robot to be moving any faster.

In the below video from Robot World 2012, CIROS slices a cucumber for a salad at a glacial speed, then dumps a load of dressing atop it.

Gizmag writes that CIROS' head contains stereoscopic cameras and a 3D IR sensor that helps it recognize objects, like microwaves, sinks, refrigerators and dishwashers. Researchers hope to one day create a robot that can perform every step of serving a meal. They've at least got the starters course locked down!

Watch CIROS in action in the below video.



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