'Sandwich Van' Goes Viral On Twitter After Receptionist Accidentally Sends Sexy Emails To Co-Workers

It's something we all worry could happen to us -- an accidental click of the wrong button sends the wrong email to the wrong person. Even worse would be if that email went viral on the Internet.

The latest victim of this classic digital blunder is a female receptionist at oil company Integrated Subsea Services in Aberdeen, Scotland. The woman sent what she thought was a simple email to her co-workers to tell them the sandwich van had arrived. Unfortunately, she inadvertently forwarded them all an X-rated conversation she'd had with her fiancé.

The racy exchange included tidbits like "I loved our session last was ace!" and "Hee hee, sexy f**ker, I fancy you xxxx."

Somehow the sexy emails were put online and quickly went viral on Twitter under the hashtag #sandwichvan, launching the unfortunate receptionist to unexpected stardom.

A spokesperson for the company said the couple had chosen to resign from their jobs, even though no disciplinary action had been taken against them, reports The Daily Mail. A BBC reporter confirmed Friday that the couple had resigned, Gawker points out.

Let this be a lesson to all white-collar office employees: Don't use your work email for personal correspondence.

(hat tip, MSN)