Sarah Ferguson's Balmoral Visit Sparks Wedding Rumors For Princess Beatrice

Even queens have to forgive and forget -- or so the rumor mill is saying. Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, was invited back to Queen Elizabeth II's summer castle last weekend, raising more than a few questions as to why the disgraced royal would be back in the monarch's good graces.

Fergie was spotted leaving the Aberdeen airport en route to meet up with ex-husband Prince Andrew and her daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, at Balmoral, where she stayed in the main castle for the first time since her 1996 divorce. "It's just like old times. The duchess is being treated as if she and the duke were still married," a source told The Daily Express.

So why is the queen finally warming up to Fergie? Royal gossipers might have you think that the olive branch has been extended in preparation for a wedding announcement from Beatrice, who has been dating boyfriend Dave Clark for six years. The pair were introduced by Prince William and have been pretty inseparable ever since, attending events together, hanging with celebrities and even hitting up the London night scene hand-in-hand.

With the royal baby hullabaloo out of the way, perhaps a royal wedding is imminent. Beatrice just turned 25, and she's officially been pushed down the line of succession with the birth of Prince George. But will her mother be fully redeemed in time for the rumored nuptials? She was snubbed for William and Kate Middleton's big wedding day, after all. (Between the toe-sucking scandal and that whole bribe mess, we can see how it may be a little difficult for her in-laws to muster dinner party chit chat.)

Alas, the queen knows when it's time to implement some decorum, so we have a feeling that there might be a sliver of truth to the latest wedding buzz. What do you make of Fergie's recent Balmoral stay? Do you hear wedding bells for Bea?

Think we have another one on our hands?

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