Sarah Johnson's "Ordinary Batman Adventures" Show The Mundane Details Of Superhero Life (PHOTOS)

When darkness falls over Gotham City we know where Batman will be: cruising in the Batmobile, whipping his cape around and saving Katie Holmes lookalikes from impending doom. But what does Batman do with his downtime?

Finally we get a sneak peek of Batman's life off the clock thanks to these hilarious animated GIFs from Sarah Johnson. "Ordinary Batman Adventures" feature some of Batman's less glamorous moments. We see the Caped Crusader replacing the kitty litter, reading the box of Honey Nut Cheerios and even taking the time to soak in a bubble bath. The animated sketches show that superheroes really are just like us, except apparently they never take off their capes. (Perhaps they took a page from Tobias and are never nude?)

Enjoy this look at Batman as the everyday man. We highly recommend imagining Christian Bale's raspy voice muttering in the background. Who's ready for "Dark Knight Rises" this summer?