'Scream Queens' Delivers A Serious Dose Of Female Empowerment


"Scream Queens" is by no means a perfect show. It's inconsistent and kind of all over the place, but we can's deny that it has its moments.  

(Warning: Spoilers!)

There was that scene last week which perfectly juxtaposed the Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way," with gory chainsaw murders, and the spot-on "Serial" Best Buy parking lot joke, by Niecy Nash's Denise Hemphill. 

But on Tuesday night, the show delivered our favorite scene of the season thus far, which also happens to be one of the most important. 

After sitting down for a hearty lunch of cotton balls and dipping sauce, Hester/Chanel No. 6 questions the health of eating fluff, easily influencing Chanel  No. 1 (Emma Roberts) to take a stand against starving herself. After acknowledging the fact that she and the girls shouldn't have to starve themselves just so guys think they're attractive, along with a Karen Carpenter joke, Chanel decides they should all grab a pizza. Her minions happily oblige. 

When the ladies get up from their table to leave, a frat guy walks up to them and says, "So which one of you ladies would like to be my costume for Halloween? I'm going as 'dude having awesome sex with you.'" 

The girls stare back at him, arms crossed over their chest as Chanel No. 5 says, "Who the hell do you think you are?" They're all clearly disgusted and unimpressed. A fellow frat guy steps in to help his brother out. "What kind of world do we live in where a guy can't even whistle at a chick to tell her she looks hot?" he says. That was a bad move. 

After Chanel No. 1 serves up some serious female empowerment by way of a speech about our culture's gender inequality problem (which she learned about in her required women's studies class), she and her sisters go on to beat the crap out of both guys while, Belinda Carlisle's "Mad About You" plays in the background. 

Yes, we know the whole thing is ironic -- Chanel No. 1 has pretty much been the worst example of a feminist until now, what with her love of pitting women against each other on the daily -- but it's still a powerful scene. It also has the viewers rooting for the characters, even though we know they're terrible people. Like we said, the show's not perfect, and either is the character, but watching the Chanels use their stilettos to shut down a misogynist bro was pretty great. 

More of this, please. 

"Scream Queens" airs Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. ET on Fox


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