Second City Laughs with The Toronto Symphony Orchestra

Put the car in park, change the radio to a station my dad would never listen to, turn the volume to the max, and take the key out of the ignition.

This was my routine for a while as a teenager. I really hope karma doesn't come back to get me on this one.

Part of it was to see my dad jump in surprise. Maybe this was my passive aggressive way of telling him to ease up on the classical fm.

Have you been in my shoes? Imagine yourself in the car or at home, rolling your eyes or desperately trying to cover your ears when your parents played those old tunes. It made you fall asleep faster than nighttime liquid flu medicine.

Like many things, your parents end up being right. Certain music can withstand the test of time. Many of the classical greats are part of that category.

This past weekend I laughed so hard that the lady in front of me said she could hear me, "really enjoying the show". I'm not sure if that was passive aggressive or not, but it's beside the point. My seat at Roy Thomson Hall could barely contain me.

The two-hour show was called The Second City Guide to the Symphony. Toronto's iconic improv performers along with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra (TSO) kept the packed house roaring and entertained.

I love the recent orchestra mashups I've seen lately. Not too long ago I saw DJ Skratch Bastid accompany the TSO, bringing in a new audience to what some view as a stuffy form of entertainment.

The F-bombs flew and the audience were led through their own music making process. Seeing conductor Peter Oundjian in video skits as well as hijinks on stage was too good to be true.

My only complaint is that 3 nights on stage is just not enough. I heard more people praising the collaboration during the intermission bathroom lineup than I did seeing people check their cell phones.

Creative, laugh out loud funny and a sure-fire performance that will have people wanting more.

Next time I'll invite my dad to see the show. I won't mess around with his radio settings anymore.

I'll gladly sit beside him and listen to his favourite classical music. It's now my favourite too.

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