16 Burning Art Questions Answered Finally Answered During #MuseumWeek

16 Burning Art Questions Answered During #MuseumWeek

For those unfamiliar with the world of Twitter and its trending topics, we bear big news. This week is Museum Week (#MuseumWeek), meaning that from March 23 to 29, your most beloved art institutions are rolling out fun facts, glorious images, art historical knowledge and, our very favorite, secrets.

The weeklong online affair, organized by Twitter and the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, will address daily themes like architecture, family, inspiration, and, yes, as we mentioned, secrets.

If spending hours scouring Twitter isn't your thing, fear not. We've compiled the juiciest #SecretsMW of the bunch for your perusal. Below arethe darkest, dirtiest, most NSFW secrets of the bunch -- or rather, the ones that reveal interesting and often unexplored aspects of the museum experience. Check them out below, along with our BURNING (and somewhat leading) questions. Enjoy, and happy Museum Week!

1. From whence these spooky eyes?

2. Did Vincent van Gogh really paint his landscapes en plein air?

3. What is the proper temperature for smoothing out crinkles in audiotapes?

4. Are there mummies in your museum? If so, how many?

5. Are there beehives on your roof, museum?

6. Why does the Barbican Theatre look like that?

7. How do historians go HAM?

8. I suspect hidden men lurking somewhere in this painting. True or false?

9. Can viewers really tackle the entire Met in a day alone?

10. Did anything awkward ever happen with LACMA being right next door to the tar pits and all?

11. Hey Gugg, you got any hidden paintings in there?

12. Was it just us or did this museum shape-shift since the last time we visited?

13. What's with all these museums and the beehives?

14. I expected more cows in this rock art. What's the deal?

15. What does a masterpiece look like when it's being unwrapped?

16. Maybe not so art related, but how did they remove brains from mummy's skulls back in the day?!

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By Reddit/Jazus_ur_lookin_well
By Reddit/Jazus_ur_lookin_well
By Reddit/Jazus_ur_lookin_well

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