A Selena Quintanilla Wax Figure Could Become A Reality Thanks To Fans

Selena fans are at it again, because, "anything for Salinas!"

Selena Quintanilla may soon be immortalized in wax.

A petition is pushing Hollywood's Madame Tussauds Wax Museum to honor the slain Tejano star with a figure. And in the five days since its launch, it’s managed to gather over 1,600 signatures.

Quintanilla was murdered on the cusp of superstardom in 1995, but in her short life the Texas native broke several records within her genre and beyond. Her legacy lives on two decades later thanks in part to her fans’ passionate efforts to keep her memory alive.

The new petition cites many of the singer’s accomplishments as reasons to honor her with a wax statuette at the museum.

“She deserves it for her humble, kind, and down to earth self. She left a beautiful legacy that will forever be remembered!” the petitioner wrote in an update, after the petition had garnered over 1,000 signatures in two days.

If the petition succeeds, it wouldn’t be the first time Selena fans have been victorious on the platform. Patty Rodriguez, a producer for “On Air With Ryan Seacrest,” began a petition earlier this year to have MAC cosmetics honor Selena with a special collection. Six months later the company announced that the M•A•C Selena Quintanilla collection would arrive in stores in 2016.

If the Tejano singer’s fans are half as passionate about a Selena wax figure as they were about the makeup line, then perhaps Madame Tussauds should start melting a fresh batch of wax now.

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