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Shadow Art Made From Trash Shows Diet Wiegman At His Best (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

You Won't Believe How These Were Made

For today's serving of delicious and unexpected artworks, we bring you shadow sculptures made of trash courtesy of Dutch artist Diet Wiegman.

michael jackson

If you look directly at one of Wiegman's works, you'd see an odd amalgamation of seemingly random bits and parts, from metal scraps to busted glass bottles. The "a ha" moment comes when you unhinge your gaze from the object at hand and see the unbelievably detailed shadows they cast. From Michelangelo's David to Michael Jackson, Wiegman's shadow art takes shape with such accuracy we'd swear we weren't looking at, well, a pile of garbage.

We've previously featured a similar technique from Tim Noble and Sue Webster, an artist duo with a similar passion for trash-built treasures, yet Wiegman's works predate Noble and Webster's; many of the sculptures below are from the 1980s and contain messages about consumption and consumerism during a boom period in the Western world.

What do you think of Wiegman's works? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


Diet Wiegman

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