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I was just thinking about howI am that I'm lefty. So what if neurobiologists think lefties can be traced back to a mutation 200,000 years ago.
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I was just thinking about how glad I am that I'm lefty.

So what if neurobiologists think lefties can be traced back to a mutation 200,000 years ago.

So what if we're more likely to suffer from dyslexia, schizophrenia, stuttering and tend to be more absent-minded.

So what if the more primitive the primate, the more likely they're lefties. Lemurs and other prosimians are 75% lefties; macaques and other old-world monkeys are 50/50; gorillas and chimpanzees are 35% lefties, and only 9% of humans are southpaws.

So what if "left" comes from the Old English 'lyft,' which means "weak" or "useless." Or that, in Latin, lefty means to "sinister," and that in the Bible we're "cursed into everlasting fire."


Isaac Newton. Albert Einstein. Joan of Arc. Pablo Picasso. Neil Armstrong. Michelangelo. Helen Keller. Aristotle. Julia Roberts. Raphael. Cole Porter. Benjamin Franklin. Bill Gates. Tina Fey. Leonardo Da Vinci. Alexander the Great. Nicole Kidman. Chaplin. John McEnroe. Henry Ford. Paul McCartney. Beethoven. Jennifer Lawrence. Rafael Nadal. Mark Twain. Marie Curie. Babe Ruth. Julius Caesar. Harpo Marx. Jimi Hendrix. Ruth Ginsberg. Lou Gehrig. Prince William. Steve Forbes. Robert Redford. Bach. Angelina Jolie. Rembrandt. Marilyn Monroe. Friedrich Nietzsche. Paul Simon. Oprah Winfrey. Edward R. Murrow. Charlie Chaplin. LeBron James. H.G. Welles. James Baldwin. Jean Genet. Edwin Buzz Aldrin. Bart Simpson. Ellie Goulding. Ted Williams. Oscar de la Hoya. Charlemagne. Jim Henson. Dr. Albert Schweitzer. Sting. Ghandi. Bob Dylan.

Lyft that.

Jimmy Dunne.

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