Sharon Osbourne's Fling With Jay Leno Definitely Counts As TMI

Sharon Osbourne volunteered more information than we ever needed to know on "The Talk" this week, telling her co-hosts she had a "flingy wingy with Jay Leno" ... and thus prompting the question of whether "flingy wingy" refers to the act of fornication. "You say a 'flingy wingy' – you mean you had sex with Jay Leno?" Julie Chen attempted to clarify.

While Sharon played coy, she did elaborate on some details. At age 25, before she began dating Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon met a "very nice, very funny" guy. She decided to prank-call him and it's all history from there.

"One thing led to another," Sharon confessed. "He came to my house and met me, and then we had a little fling." However, things ended rather quickly. "The fling was more fling for me, and not fling enough for him. Because, a couple of months into it, he brought around his real love of his life for me to meet. She was lovely."

Oh well, thank goodness she was freed up to meet Ozzy or we wouldn't have Kelly.



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