You're More Likely To Have Nightmares If You Sleep On Your Left

But don't flip over just yet.

If you're a side-sleeper who tends to rest on your left, you may be more likely to have bad dreams. According to a 2004 study that's recently resurfaced, people who sleep on their left side experience more nightmares than those who snooze on their right.

Before you force yourself to switch up your bedtime routine, it's important to note that this study only examined a total of 63 people. Forty-one of them slept on their right slide, and 22 on their left. About 41 percent of left-side snoozers reported experiencing nightmares, while 15 percent of right-side sleepers reported the same. You can learn more about this study in the video above.

If you're prone to nightmares, there are things to you can do to potentially curb them. As Prevention notes, before you fall asleep, remind yourself that you're in control of a dream and can change its ending. Writing down your nightmare or talking about it with a professional could also provide insights as to why your brain is going to these places at night. Here's to sweeter dreams!

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