Why Sororities Are Creating Campaigns To Challenge Stereotypes

They're not letting any pushback hold the campaigns down, either.

Sororities across the country, including Delta Gamma at Ohio University, are launching campaigns to help combat stereotypes about sorority women.

"Being in a sorority is so more than you know, just partying and socializing," said Elizabeth Harris, a Delta Gamma member at OU. "It's a place where you learn to become something bigger than yourself."

Delta Gamma's OU chapter wasn't the first to do it, they're actually part of a trend at campuses around the country. The campaigns, usually through a photo series, have been celebrated by many, though there's some criticism as well.

"I received a little bit of negativity with online harassment," said Kaitlin Hatton, a DG member at Ohio University. "I'm just -- not necessarily surprised because everything has a pushback. However, the positivity really kind of took over. We know we affected people more positively than anything and that's really important to us."

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